School Admissions



For information regarding nursery admissions, please click on the link below.

Nursery Admissions



The Local Authority arranges admissions to the school at age 4+ and you apply for a school place online.

At Telscombe Cliffs Primary School and Nursery, there is a fixed admissions limit of 90 children per year group. 

The priorities below will be used to decide who gets a place at community and voluntary controlled infant, primary schools.

1. Looked after children and children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following being looked after.

2. Children who will have a brother or sister* at the school (or linked junior school) at the time of admission and who live at the same address, within the pre-defined community area**.

3. Other children living within a pre-defined community area**.

4. Children who will have a brother or sister* at the school (or linked junior school) at the time of admission who live at the same address, outside the pre-defined community area**.

5. Other children.

In the event of oversubscription within any priority, place allocation will be decided by prioritising applications on the basis of home to school distance measured in a straight line. This will be measured from the address point in the school (supplied by Ordnance Survey) to the address point in the family home.

In the event that applicants cannot be prioritised using the tiebreaker because the distance measurements are the same, the Authority will use random allocation to decide which children will be offered the remaining places. This will be done electronically using the Authority’s admissions software.


If you did not get the school place you want for your child, you can appeal to an independent appeal panel. Before making an appeal you may wish to consider the other options open to you. These include adding your child to the waiting list for your preferred school and requesting a change of allocated school. We recommend you accept the place allocated to your child as this does not affect your appeal rights.

East Sussex County Council website has more information about the appeals process.

In-Year Admissions

An in-year admission is defined as the admission of a pupil to a school which takes place outside of the normal entry times. This includes pupils changing schools, pupils coming from a different country or from other parts of the UK, pupils returning to a school from living elsewhere or those who have not been in school. You can ask for your child to change schools at any stage in your child’s education.

You should apply online at Your application will be shared with your preferred school(s) so they can reach a decision for you. 

For full details see the how school places are offered in East Sussex schools guide.