Reading: Rising Stars Reading Planet

Reading Planet provides a range of fresh and modern E-books for children aged 4-11.  These E-books are ideal for using at home to ensure your child stays on track with their reading. The E-books are grouped into two groups:


  • Reception-Key Stage 1 (4-7): Fiction and non-fiction for Lilac to White band, including fully-decodable phonics, character stories and exciting information books. 

  • Key Stage 2 (7-11): Fiction and non-fiction for Stars (Lime) to Supernova (Red+) band including retellings of classics, tales from around the world and fascinating non-fiction.

It is vital that your child reads daily as reading is the foundation of all other learning! 
Your child/ren will have their own personal log ins, where they will find books that have been carefully tailored to their reading abilities.
The passwords were amended in Term 1, in order to make them easily accessible for all children, and all passwords will begin with 'Telscombe', followed by a unique number (e.g. Telscombe345). If you have not got your child's log in details, please contact the school office.
To log in, please use the link below: 
The Centre ID number should not be needed, however, if the website 'asks' for it, the Centre ID is 203440.
Please see the video below that shows how to use Reading Planet.