PiXL Unlock

PiXL Unlock App

The PiXL Unlock app is a vocabulary app with a range of different games, available on both Android and Apple devices. The activities involve children practising and developing a variety of skills which include: reading and identifying real and pseudo words (alien/unreal) for younger children; games involving defining and using words in context; using words correctly in sentences; finding synonyms and antonyms; identifying root words through deconstructing and many more.

There is an increasing focus in education on high-level language and many pupils find this difficult to master. Direct and explicit vocabulary teaching has never been more important. The end of Key Stage tests require pupils to read, understand and spell some extremely challenging vocabulary across all subjects. The challenge in language continues to increase once pupils begin secondary school. Vocabulary and language are not a ‘quick fix’, and by far the most effective strategy for developing these skills with pupils is to fully immerse them in language. Learning new vocabulary is not as straightforward as simply teaching pupils ‘new words‘. In order to embed their understanding and use this language correctly, they should understand its meaning (in part and by component), how to use it in context and provide examples of where they might find it.

Pupils in Years 1-6 will shortly be receiving their usernames and passwords to use the app - we strongly encourage you to download it and have a go at home.


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