PiXL Times Tables

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PiXL times table app
What does the app do?
The screen below shows the screen log on for the PiXL times table app. The app is designed to help your child to practise and learn times tables through the seven core features outlined below:
1) Knowledge: This allows students to practise any times table up to 12x12 using the app without any time limit. They can use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows to increase or decrease the times table that they want to focus on.
2) Time Attack: Similar to the ‘Knowledge’ section but they will have either 5 seconds or their last recorded time to be able to complete the question.
3) The Test: Students will have 5 seconds to answer a structured sequence of questions.
4) Trophies: This feature outlines all of the achievements of the user. If the user secures a significant level of confidence with a particular times table, they will be awarded a trophy.
5) Fastest Times: This allows students to see where they sit in terms of their class and the time taken to complete a particular times table. Teachers will have a wider view of all classes and years.
6) Raft Run: Similar to the 'Knowledge' section but with a slight difference, students compete against other students in a race!
7) Results Analysis: This is a table of all results and really highlights the strengths and weaknesses of every user of the app, filtered by year group and times table.
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