Music overview and skills

In weekly lessons we embrace the aims of the national curriculum to inspire children to develop:

  • a love of music and
  • their talent as musicians.

Children also come together weekly in their phases. They celebrate their learning and proudly sing to an audience of parents and teachers.

The children enjoy fun and interactive singing assemblies each week. They learn new songs and feel uplifted and positive about themselves and their learning.

We are proud of our wonderful junior choir. Led by an enthusiastic teacher, they meet weekly to practise new songs and develop children’s singing skills.

The children have the chance to explore and play a wide and exciting range of tuned and untuned instruments.

We identify children with a greater interest in playing a musical instrument. We encourage them to play the violin in smaller group lessons with a visiting specialist teacher.

For more information on what the children are learning you can download our Skills progression in music document.