Modern Foreign Languages Overview and Skills

Learning a language is a life skill that provides clear benefits, including:

  • increased employment prospects
  • confidence to communicate when abroad

Research shows that learning a language at an early age can improve academic performance.

Learning a modern foreign language is a requirement in the national curriculum for Key Stage 2. It prepares pupils for further learning, both at secondary school and beyond. After speaking with local secondary schools, we chose to teach both French and Spanish. In year 3 and 4, children will learn French and in years 5 and 6 they will study Spanish. This will develop a broad range of skills for pupils to build on. The aim is to foster a passion for learning languages.

Class teachers give lessons once a week and follow the Language Angels scheme of work. Children learn vocabulary, grammar and aspects of other countries' cultures. 

For more information on the skills learned in each year group see our Skills progression document.