IEB Information


In May 2020 a new Interim Executive Board (IEB) began to govern the school and nursery.

The old governing body consulted on the change with East Sussex County Council.  The Department for Education (DfE) supported the process.

The members of the IEB will work with and support the school for around 12 months. We will continue to improve the outcomes for pupils in reading, writing and maths.

The role of the IEB

The IEB will fulfil all the functions of a governing body, in line with the Governance Handbook. It will conduct the school in a way that:

  • ensures improvement
  • promotes high standards of leadership and management and
  • sustains high standards of pupil outcomes.
In particular, the IEB will actively consider a sponsored academy solution. The Department for Education considers this will ensure strong leadership and governance and safeguard the long-term future of the school.


The duties of the IEB 

The governing body plays an important role in raising school standards.
Together the members:

  • ensure there is a clear vision, ethos and direction
  • hold the headteacher  to account for the performance of the school and its pupils and staff 
  • oversee the school finances and make sure the school spends its money well.

Membership of the IEB

The number of interim executive members must not be less than two; once the IEB has been established; further interim executive members can be appointed at any time. An IEB should be a small, focused group appointed for the full period which it is expected to take to turn the school around. Members of an IEB should be chosen on a case by case basis, depending on the needs of the school and existing governors may be appointed to the IEB.
The quoracy for IEB meetings is 2 members. 

This Board will consist of four members, as listed below: 

- Anne Allison:  Chair -

- Kirsten Coe:  Schools Finance Team lead, East Sussex County Council  

- Janet Bowen:  Lead Human Resources Consultant, East Sussex County Council

- Carrie Beech:  Beech Education - Consultant with East Sussex SLES

 The Register of Interests has member's business interests, and links to other education providers.

None of the IEB members have a relationship with school staff, their partners, spouses or relatives.