Design and Technology Overview and Skills

This is an exciting and practical subject. Pupils use their creativity and imagination. They design and make products for themselves and others, based on design criteria. In Key Stage 2, we develop their innovation and enterprising skills.  They apply knowledge from other subjects such as maths, science, computing and art.

We follow the advice and guidance of the national curriculum. When designing, making and evaluating projects students consider:

  • the user
  • purpose
  • functionality
  • design decisions
  • innovation, and
  • authenticity.

Cooking and nutrition are important at Telscombe Cliffs. All children have cooking lessons and learn about where food comes from.

Lessons include:

  • food preparation
  • nutrition and
  • techniques such as cutting, peeling, grating, chopping, slicing and kneading.

What pupils learn

Nursery - Food and nutrition - What makes a healthy plate of food?

Reception – Construction - Can they choose which material is suitable?

Year 1: Textiles – Can they describe how different textiles feel?

Year 2: Use of materials – Can they join materials in different ways?

Year 3: Electrical and mechanical components – Can they make a simple circuit?

Year 4: Mouldable materials – Can they use advanced techniques to shape and mould?

Year 5 Stiff and flexible materials – Is your product fit for purpose?

Year 6 Electrical and mechanical components – Using different circuits


For more details you can download our Progression in design and technology document.