Week 1

Hello Year 6,
We hope you and your families are coping during this difficult time - we are missing you lots! To keep you busy whilst at home, we have created many home learning tasks for you to do, as well as many other activities to keep you busy!
There is a year 6 timetable on a word document - link below - that shows the tasks for each day. They include reading, writing, maths, sports, hands-on activities, as well as tasks linked to our learning journey. Importantly, it also includes family time, which is key during this tricky period. Of course, you are welcome to do more or less than is on the timetable, as these activities are suggestions - there will be no detentions for late work! 
We will be checking regularly to see how you are getting on with your My Maths. In addition, if you have created some learning you are really proud of, make sure you send a picture to the office for us to see.
Stay safe and keep smiling. 
Love from Mr Shorer, Miss Telford, Mr Ediss, Mr Morrison and Mrs Morgan.