Week 7

Hi Reception!

We have so enjoyed seeing all of the lovely learning that you sent us last week!

This week we have a new story; it’s called ‘The Train Ride’. We look forward to seeing all of the lovely work that this book might inspire.

In phonics, you will be focusing on the digraph ‘ch.’ In maths, you will be learning about the number 17 as well as looking at doubling and sequencing events. To double, you will use loose parts and a mirror to count the objects on the table and in the mirror. In writing, you will be imagining you are going on a train, can you describe and write about what your train looks like? For our physical activity, there is a learning focus on water exploration, train role play, comparing trains and being kind.

There has been so much amazing learning uploaded onto Tapestry; we have enjoyed seeing what you have all been getting up to. There have been a range of amazing achievements! We have seen some wonderfully creative ways of weighing using boxes of pencils, fruit and bags of shopping. There has been some great writing of lists of what you could see whilst travelling on the hot air balloon and beautiful creative drawings, collage and models of the hot air balloon and the alien.

It has been delightful to see so many of your faces on Tapestry, enjoying family time and learning in fun, meaningful ways. We have seen some gardening, helping with weeding and creating a mini terrarium for cacti. New pets were welcomed into some families, including a tortoise where an enclosure was constructed, and a rabbit. We have also seen lots of you being active, doing yoga, dancing, going for walks on the Downs and the beach, watching the spitfire on VE Day, going on bike rides, learning to ride a bike and swimming in your pools in the garden.    

Please do continue to send us your photos and videos - we are so proud of what we’re seeing.

We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week and sending comments back to you.

Stay safe, have fun and keep smiling.

Love from Miss Baker, Miss Parker, Miss Williams, Mrs Hembrough and Miss Briggs