Week 2

Hi Year 4!


We hope your first full week at home has been successful and you have been able to complete some of the tasks set. We are looking forward to seeing your home learning; remember to email any work to the office for us to see! We regularly check MyMaths and will leave comments for you when you complete some tasks. 


Each week, Miss Cawte, Ms Renaud, Mrs Teixeira, Mrs Cooper (with help from her children) have been four-way FaceTiming in order to plan our timetable for the week ahead. Miss Cawte and Mrs Teixeira have been taking it seriously whilst Ms Renaud has been playing with puppets and holding up the chicks to the camera!


The timetable for the week beginning 30th March is attached. This is our last week on Titanic so we thought it would be really interesting for you to write your own story about a passenger on the Titanic (you could use your own passenger as inspiration). In the afternoon, we have set you the task of researching about Titanic's sister ships and the famous Violet Jessop who was on board all three ships!


We hope you've been able to enjoy a bit of the lovely sunshine in your garden. Your 'Code for Life' password has been PINGed to your grown-ups; check it out as there are lots of fun, interactive coding games for you to play.


Missing you all and we look forward to hearing from you soon, 


Miss Cawte, Ms Renaud, Mrs Teixeira and Mrs Cooper