Term 6 week 6

Dear Year 5,

How are you all this week? We hope you are all doing well. We can’t believe we are approaching then end of this academic year… and what a year it has been! It is very strange to think we have not seen you all since March and we are now in July, but we still love to hear from you; reading your emails and seeing the amazing work you are doing has brought us all so much joy during this time. You should all be so proud of how well you have coped during these past few months. A lot has changed over this past weekend, and we are all being given a little more freedom – we hope you are enjoying the slightly relaxed rules whilst also keeping safe. I wonder if any of you have a haircut booked… it’s been a while for us!

This week’s learning is all about another legend – ‘The Dragon Slayer’. There is a short video for you to watch, and then your writing tasks are about exploring the characters in the story. You will then have the opportunity to write some scenes describing what you think might happen after the film. Finally, you can retell the legend in your own way; you could act it out, write a poem, create a comic strip or retell it any way you choose! No doubt, you will have some very creative ideas! Watch Ms Corcoran’s teaching video on the school website to get you thinking.

In maths, we are having another week of consolidation of past learning. The focus is on fractions, decimals, and percentages. These BBC Bitesize clips might help remind you about the concept of percentages: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/znjqtfr

Your learning journey continues with learning about animals and their habitats – this week you will be choosing an animal that does not live in the UK. You can then create a scientific diagram as well as piece of artwork based on the animal and their habitat. Your music task is to create your own musical instrument with items found in your house. Finally, PSHE is about looking back at your time in Year 5 and creating a guide to learning for the children who will be in Year 5 next year.

Don’t forget to log in to Rising Stars Reading Planet on https://my.risingstars-uk.com/

This is a great new resource where you can access books, complete quizzes and earn yourself some stars. It’s a great lockdown resource, especially if you are running out of books to read in your house! We’ve set you all books we think you might like; have a look and enjoy!

Have an excellent week :-)

From Mr Waudby, Mrs Norris and Ms Corcoran