School council

Children are at the heart of our school community.

At Telscombe Cliffs, we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children. Our School Council represents the children’s voice. It has an impact on the development and daily life of the school.

We want to make sure that our school is a place where children:
  • are safe and happy
  • can voice their ideas and concerns
  • can suggest improvements

We want to be sure that the school listens and acts on suggestions or concerns.

Each year group, from Year 2 to Year 6, has two School Councillors. In Term 1 children can stand for election. Candidates then have a chance to speak to the classes and answer questions. Children vote anonymously for their preferred candidate.

These councillors represent Year 1 and EYFS children too. They talk to the classes and find out their ideas and opinions.

A class teacher, leads the School Council.

The school council representative:
  • collects and reports the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the children in their assigned class - so all children can have their say
  • brings new ideas to improve our school and local environment
  • brings fund-raising ideas for the school and for other local or national charities
  • identifies priorities and leads plans to enhance what we do as a school
  • monitors some aspects of the school

Our school council has a boy and a girl in each year for Years 2 to 6. We meet every Tuesday lunchtime to work on projects to benefit and improve the school.

School Council termly updates