School Council

The school council for 2018/2019 is now up and running. A boy and a girl have been selected from each year group in Key Stage 2. The voting process was both anonymous and democratic (ask your teachers if you don't know what these words mean). The school council this year is being led by Mrs J. Knight, Wild Cherry class teacher. They are very proud of their badges!
The successful candidates (years 3, 4 and 5) and their applications can be seen in the PPT document on this page. In addition to this, two of the year 6 learning ambassadors were selected, Lois in Elder and Harry in Holly.
February 2019
The school council meets regularly with a focus on how to improve things at school for children. They recently undertook a learning walk with Mrs Knight with a focus on how welcoming the school learning environment is and have come up with some good ideas to make things even better!
May 2019
Message from Mrs Allison re the School Council 15.5.2019.

The school council were very busy last week. They were collecting the children's views on the curriculum. The council discovered that children thought: learning was fun; maths and English were good; they liked doing experiments and much, much more. The children said they wanted more help when they did not understand something and thought we could improve the curriculum with more time spent on music, art and DT.
This is very helpful as we will be reviewing the curriculum next week during the INSET day on Friday 24th May.

As ever the school council carry out their roles very effectively. We are so proud of them.