Playground Buddies

At Telscombe Cliffs, we have appointed 12 play leaders in Years 5 and 6 sport leaders Years 4-6 .
Our play leaders had to apply for the position and those that were successful are tasked with the role of supervising play, running games, dealing with small conflicts and making children feel safe. They help to guide children throughout the school to areas such as the dinner hall, medical room or to a grown-up. The children meet once a week with Mrs Houghton to discuss issues and they receive training in restorative justice to help them deal with small conflicts on the playground. They can be easily identified by wearing a bright orange cap. 
The sports leaders are there to run foot ball games on the field or in the Winter terms, football skills on the 3/4 courtyard.  Years 5 and 6 run this for the fist half of lunch and then Years 3 and 4 run it for the second half of lunch. This has proved incredibly successful and the children have enjoyed running their own games and learnt many important skills in leadership and promoting positive behaviour.