Modern Foreign Languages Overview and Skills

Learning a language is a crucial life skill that can provide benefits to all aspects of our children’s futures: from increased employment prospects to having the confidence to converse when travelling abroad. Research has shown that learning a language at an early age can be linked to improved academic performance, increased progress in reading ability and greater levels of confidence.

Learning a modern foreign language is a requirement in the national curriculum for Key Stage 2 and is focused on laying the foundations for further learning, both at secondary school and beyond. With this in mind, we have chosen to offer pupils both French and Spanish after speaking with local secondary schools. In year 3 and 4, children will learn French and in years 5 and 6 they will study Spanish. It is our belief that this will offer a broad range of skills that can be built upon and developed with the aim of fostering a passion for learning languages.

Languages are taught on a weekly basis by class teachers following the Language Angels scheme of work which provides children with vocabulary and grammar learning, alongside introducing them to aspects of other countries cultures. We also offer an after school Spanish club.