Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

The East Sussex Mental Health Support Team (MHST) practitioners. who work with Telscombe Cliffs Primary School. have filmed a short presentation on understanding anxiety and how to recognise its signs and symptoms. It provides some advice on how to support children when we spot these signs.
The presentation is a short introduction to a big topic and, as such, it’s important to say that every child is an individual and how they experience anxiety may be different from what is described in the presentation. If a child has specific SEN such as autism, learning disabilities, or has experienced significant trauma, then they may respond differently to stresses and situations which make them anxious, and the information in this presentation may not be as applicable.  
During the summer, when the school is closed, please refer to the resources and signposting sheet that is also on the school website, for ideas on where to access help and support. If you are very concerned about your child's mental health during the summer, please consult your GP or contact East Sussex SPOA.
You can also contact the MHST via Telscombe Cliffs Primary in September if it is not urgent over the summer. Please address any concerns to the office for the attention of Miss McLean though these emails will not be accessed until Thursday 3rd September.