Learning and Curriculum

Your children will be encouraged to learn through their play. We strive to ensure all children are embedded with the knowledge needed to achieve happiness, satisfaction, friendships and self belief.

Our suitably qualified and experienced staff provide a high standard of care to all children whilst taking on-board every child’s unique individuality.

Children interests will be encouraged to allow them time to build and reflect on there own natural instinct. Focusing on children’s interests allows us to promote the development of language skills, mathematical problems , using their imagination, being creative and enjoying their physical play, to build social relationships and to explore the world around them.

Your child’s time at Nursery will be a mixture of both structured time and free play. The nursery day is well planned to ensure that the children gain the most from their day. The children are given support, encouragement ad assistance from the staff to participate and carryout activities. The toys and activities on offer during the sessions are designed to provide a wide range of learning opportunities, that will encourage children to become competent learners ready for the more formal learning once they start school. By observing children in their own initiated play we are able to make notes on their development and plan for further learning opportunities for them. During our continuous provision staff observe children achieving in the prime and specific areas as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. All of our activities are planned carefully to reflect the interests and capabilities of the children within our care.

Nursery Routine – During a nursery session children have access to play both inside and outside so we encourage them to come suitably dressed for the days weather. We have spare hats, coats and wellington boots should anyone need to borrow them to access play outside. Sun cream is provided by the nursery in the warmer weather.

Snack bar – We operate a rolling snack bar that children are able to access when they are hungry, providing a wide selections, of fruits, vegetables, cheese and other snacks. Children also have free access to running water throughout the nursery day. Should your child have medical conditions or allergies please inform us once your child has been offered a space, so that we are able to plan for their needs.