History Overview and Skills

At Telscombe Cliffs Community Primary School, history is enjoyed across all year groups from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6.

We cover a variety of topics, which are reflected in our diverse learning journeys including the Stone Age, Great Fire of London, Romans, Ancient Egypt, Aztecs and World War Two. We ensure our learning journeys provide opportunities across the curriculum for high quality writing.

Our history curriculum offers children an exciting insight in to world history, covering aspects of ancient, non-European cultures, as well national and local history.

Community is one of our main drivers at Telscombe Cliffs and we celebrate the rich and fascinating history of our local area from pirates and smugglers to the rise of the RNLI.

At Telscombe Cliffs, we aim to ensure that history is not restricted to isolated lessons based on facts and dates, but that it is utilised effectively to excite children's natural curiosity and develop their analytical, scholarly, creative and investigative skills across the curriculum.