Governor Information

Since May 2020, Telscombe Cliffs Primary School and Nursery has an Interim Executive Board (IEB) which has taken over governance at the school. This arrangement has been implemented following consultation between our outgoing governing body and East Sussex Local Authority with support from the DFE.
The combined skillset of the members of the IEB will provide support and capacity to the school so that it can continue to make improvements. Its members will work closely with the school leadership team to continue the improvement journey. The IEB is expected to remain in place for approximately twelve months.
Members of the Interim Executive Board (IEB)
Anne Allison:  Chair  -
Carrie Beach:  Head of Primary & Early Years, East Sussex County Council
Janet Bowen:  Lead Human Resources Consultant, East Sussex County Council
Kirsten Coe:  Senior Finance Officer, East Sussex County Council