Governor Information

In May 2020 a new Interim Executive Board (IEB) began to govern the school and nursery.

The old governing body consulted on the change with East Sussex County Council.  The Department for Education (DfE) supported the process.

The members of the IEB will work with and support the school for around 12 months. We will continue to improve the outcomes for pupils in reading, writing and maths.

The members of the IEB

 Anne Allison:  Chair -

 Carrie Beach:  Head of Primary & Early Years, East Sussex County Council

 Janet Bowen:  Lead Human Resources Consultant, East Sussex County Council

 Kirsten Coe:  Senior Finance Officer, East Sussex County Council 


The Register of Interests has member's business interests, and links to other education providers.

None of the IEB members have a relationship with school staff, their partners, spouses or relatives.