Digital leaders

Last year, the digital leaders studied a range of policies, to find out what they are for. Once we understood why we have them, the group set about creating an online safety policy. This involved fantastic discussions about what does being ‘safe’ online actually mean, and what that looks like. Conversely, we looked at what to do when you don’t feel ‘safe’ online.


The digital leaders also helped to lead our Safer Internet Day, where the school pledged to do something ‘good’ or ‘helpful’ online.


We also had lots of fun in Digital Leaders; we created games for our friends to play on scratch, as well as using BIG controllers to play our games.


We took apart computers to see what is inside and what each part is for, then carefully put it all back together again!


Digital Leaders are willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and understanding as well as listen well and are motivated to problem solve. Digital Leaders set the standard when it comes to looking after property, as well as having impeccable behaviour.


Digital Leaders will be returning in January 2019.


Below we have example Python games created by students from Elder class.