Anti-Bullying and Online Safety

John Khan from Priority 1-54 recently visited Telscombe Cliffs with a focus on anti-bullying and online safety in years 5 and 6 (see above pdf). Zoe Giles also came in to run anti-bullying drama workshops in years 3 and 4. Both were well received by the children.
In the evening, John ran an anti-bullying / online safety workshop for parents and children. Information can be viewed in the above pdf. Parents and children provided us with useful feedback which can be seen below.
Feedback from parent/carers online safety evening:
  • I will keep a closer watch on my child’s screen time and the tech he uses
  • I will continue talking to my daughter about online safety and screen time and maybe look at reducing this
  • I wasn’t aware of the age restrictions on some of the social media Apps
  • I will talk to my child about what he is watching on the internet and how much time he spends on screen
  • I think I need to enforce screen a little better
  • I didn’t know about the GPS was on so many Apps and going to turn off
  • It was informal and easy to join in and my child joined in the activities
  • It was really good and I’m glad that I brought my daughter who was able to ask questions  
  • Thank you for the talk this evening I found it really useful
  • It was interactive and the presentation was interesting  
Feedback from children’s workshops:
  • It was good because we could be open about things
  • We liked the activities and learning about respect and online respect
  • Everyone was included and we worked in teams
  • We discussed our opinions and our experiences
  • It is really important that your social media is secure and set to private and protected with a password 
  • We need to learn more about online respect
  • It was good explaining about online safety
  • It was helpful and interesting at the same time  
  • You need to set your profiles to private before going on social media 
  • I didn’t know how important privacy settings are and need to know how to do this
  • I learnt how to stay safe online ad more about respect

Web Resources:

A wealth of advice, support and resources to safeguard children, young people and families online can be found at the following: